Ex-Muslims of North America Establishes New Video Series


December 9, 2016

Ex-Muslims of North America is proud to unveil a new endeavor featuring apostates who have chosen to speak out.

“Unbound: Life Beyond Faith is a new video series which provides a brief glimpse into the lives of apostates from around the United States and Canada.

Even in the West, many Ex-Muslims remain closeted about their lack of faith for fear of retribution from family or their communities. “There is a lot to lose when declaring your lack of belief as a Muslim”, says Muhammad Syed, the President of Ex-Muslims of North America.

Given this cost, many choose to suppress their feelings or hide them from others, so that accurate assessments of the Ex-Muslim population is virtually impossible. Many are afraid of social isolation, some are afraid of physical retribution. Despite the obstacles many believe that it is far past time to speak out.

“I believe that there is an enormous benefit to highlighting these voices. I intend to do whatever I can to showcase the growth of this movement – we are many, we are growing, and we are no longer afraid.” continued Syed.

Ex-Muslims of North America has established and nurtured local communities of Ex-Muslims in over 18 chapters across the United States and Canada. These communities provide strength and encouragement to this small and vulnerable population. Now, some of them are ready to speak out and EXMNA intends to amplify their voices.

The videos will be released periodically throughout the next year. A mailing list announcing their release can be reached here.

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