EXMNA Announces Apostate Report, Findings from the First Ever Survey of North American Ex-Muslims

EXMNA Announces Apostate Report, Findings from the First Ever Survey of North American Ex-Muslims

Washington, DC — 06/08/2021

Today, Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) announced the release of its Apostate Report, the results of a wide-ranging, first-of-its-kind survey of North American ex-Muslims.

Conducted by contracted researchers from George Mason University, the groundbreaking survey drew participants from EXMNA’s support communities across the United States and Canada, the findings of which are now available in the Apostate Report. The final sample of over 550 individuals was remarkably diverse, comprising persons of various races, sexual orientations, educational backgrounds, ages, and former sects. Most importantly, many distinct types of journies out of Islam were observed.

An oft-overlooked segment of religious nonbelievers, very little formal work has previously been done towards understanding ex-Muslims. As the “nones” have grown in the general North American population, so have those who have moved on from belief in Islam. Given Islam’s uniquely hostile attitude towards apostates and the resulting vulnerability of many who apostatize, that more be known about the ex-Muslim population from an empirical standpoint is increasingly vital.

Ex-Muslims’ experiences as revealed by this survey are some of the most unique among nonbelievers. At times, the level of abuse faced by respondents at the hands of loved ones belies the ideal of a meaningfully free West.

“Through our work and advocacy, we have seen the distinct challenges ex-Muslims face first-hand,” said Sarah Haider, Executive Director of EXMNA. “In conducting this survey, we hope to shine light on a population that has for too long and to an unacceptable degree remained invisible.”

“Ex-Muslims stand at the intersection of half a hundred different narratives. We are villainized by our former religious community and misunderstood by many more. Having worked directly with apostates for years, the mission of portraying their thoughts and experiences honestly is a personal one to us,” said Muhammad Syed, President of EXMNA.

“We believe the best and only way to understand ex-Muslims is to go to them directly and hear them out, something this survey does in greater depth than anything before it.”


The Full Report: exmuslims.org/apostate-report 

The Key Findings: exmuslims.org/key-findings

Press Contact: [email protected]

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