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Walking away from Islam carries a heavy toll. The act of apostasy still warrants a death sentence in 12 Muslim-majority countries across the world, while speech deemed offensive to religion can be punished in as many as 33.

The stigma of disbelief follows freethinkers even in the West: abuse, isolation, and ostracism after leaving the faith are faced by too many apostates. At Ex-Muslims of North America, we work every day to fight for their rights and dignities. 

But apostates are not alone in suffering at the hands of religious belief.

The horrific attack on the French school teacher Samuel Paty late last year was a grisly reminder that nowhere in the world are we truly free to offend Islam. In the last few months, Islamist terror has made the news again with the murder of a British MP.

Through acts of violence, fundamentalists can force deference from us all—both in and outside the Muslim world. It is through this promise of violence that blasphemy laws of the Muslim world become, in effect, the same laws that govern us all.

This is why we at EXMNA continue to stand on the frontlines of freethought. We believe empowering apostates is the first step to securing a freer, more just future for all. Without the challenge from disbelievers, religion would have no pressure to reform.

This year, we have made enormous progress on our overhaul of WikiIslam, massively expanded our Persecution Tracker while keeping it up to date, championed the freedom to offend religious sentiments on social media, and brought to light groundbreaking insights of research on North American ex-Muslims with our Apostate Report.

With this and other work, we hope to carry the torch of freethought forward: to bring us closer to a world where all are free to follow their conscience, irrespective of religious dogmatism and silencing tactics.

With your help, we will continue in our mission to foster nuanced and compassionate dialogue, to be fearless when others are fearful, and to fight for the rights of all.

Thank you for your support,

Muhammad Syed
Ex-Muslims of North America

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