KafirCon 2018

August has drawn to a close and so with it has this year’s ex-Muslim gathering, what we (jokingly) refer to as KafirCon.

Every year, men and women from all over the United States and Canada come together for one weekend, with the sole purpose of meeting and sharing good times with fellow ex-Muslims.

For some ex-Muslims, who do not have a local community close by, this is the first time they can get to know others like them.

This year’s event took place in Washington D.C., with nearly a hundred attendees. Two official sponsored events by Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) and several unofficial pre- and post parties and get-togethers kept the group busy for the entire weekend (some even spilling over to Monday!).

Ex-Muslims at KafirCon 2018

The purpose of KafirCon is simple – to show ex-Muslims they are not alone and to foster a sense of community among all our local chapters.

EXMNA understands that leaving Islam often means being rejected by family and the greater Islamic community.

Many ex-Muslims feel this sense of loss deeply – months and years of being the “black sheep” in their own circles can leave profound longing for a connection with like-minded people. For those who have spent their whole lives in this state, finally finding yourself with a group where you are “normal” and accepted can be a surreal, almost unbelievable experience.

For others who are still in the closet, the ability to finally be honest with others can bring immense relief.

KafirCon is a chance to have an amazing experience with others who understand completely what leaving Islam is like, and the strength and sacrifice it takes to make that decision.

Every year we are surprised by the amount of love and support ex-Muslims show each other. Though, as all good parties do, this year’s KafirCon came to an end, leaving participants with new friendships and warm memories – looking forward to next year’s gathering.

Ex-Muslims of North America can only continue our work with your help. Donate to us today, and help provide more ex-Muslims with the comforts of a community that accepts them.

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