Muslim Apostate: Criticizing Islam Vital for Change

Today I’m talking with a civically active and very public American Muslim apostate, Muhammad Syed, co-founder and director of operations for the Ex-Muslims of North America. The Ex-Muslims of North America’s objectives are providing support and help to ex-Muslims, eradicating the apostasy taboo, and fighting bigotry. The organization is comprised of ex-Muslim non-theists primarily located in or from North America, with various ethnicities and nationalities participating. Syed is going to tell us more about the group and fill us in on some interesting details. He’ll also tell us why he became a non-believer in 2007. We’ll also talk about issues relating to ex-Muslims and criticizing Islam, and the recent controversy involving Ayan Hirsi Ali.

Listen to the podcast at The Malcontent’s Gambit

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