Understanding Islamic Feminism
May 5, 2015
This hour-long program examines the meaning of Islamic feminism and women activists who are working for change.

In this hour-long program we travel the world to examine the meaning of Islamic feminism and meet with women activists who are working for change. We visit Egypt, where we learn how one of the world’s most influential centers of Islamic study is squaring its teachings with the changing status of women. In Morocco, we go to a courthouse where recent changes to Muslim family law are making it easier for women to divorce, inherit property, and gain custody of their children. In France, we look at how extreme secularism may be protecting or persecuting Muslim populations. And in the United States, we visit the country’s first all-female mosque, and learn how one progressive Muslim feminist is expressing herself and her religion in a surprising way — with comedy.​ The show also includes interviews with leaders from the Ex-Muslims of North America.


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