Our Vision

We envision a world where every person is free to follow their conscience.

Our Mission

Ex-Muslims of North America advocates for acceptance of religious dissent, promotes secular values, and aims to reduce discrimination faced by those who leave Islam.

Our Objectives

We aim to reduce discrimination faced by those who leave Islam, advocate for acceptance of religious dissent, and promote secular values.

We counter the isolation facing non-theist ex-Muslims by fostering communities and support networks.

We strive to amplify diverse ex-Muslim voices and experiences, and stand against those who seek to stifle criticism of Islam.

About Us

EXMNA is the first organization of its kind to establish communities exclusive to ex-Muslims in order to foster a sense of camaraderie and offer a space free of judgement for lack of religiosity. EXMNA has established local chapters in over 20 cities across the United States and Canada, with hundreds of ex-Muslims taking part in local meetups.

As part of our mission to raise the voices and ideas of ex-Muslims, we launched The Ex-Muslim – the world’s first and only online magazine and blogroll offering a nuanced insight on Islam from former Muslims. We also produce the Life Beyond Faith series – a celebration of freethought and ex-Muslims from a variety of backgrounds. We organize the Normalizing Dissent tour – a series of live-event, primarily at American and Canadian campuses – to provoke thought and provide much-needed diversity of thought.


Policy Paper – No Bigotry, No Apology