We Envision A World Where Every Person Is Free To Follow Their Conscience.

Statement on New Zealand Mosque Attack

  Ex-Muslims of North America strongly condemns the terrorist attack on the mosques in New Zealand and supports the Muslim community in their time of grief. While we believe the Islamic religion (and all others) are not true and can cause serious harm, we stand fast with the rights of ...

2019 Call for Volunteers!

Ex-Muslims of North America needs your help! This year we are ramping up our outreach and educational programming – we want our message to reach even the most isolated communities around the world. Your help will go a long way to making this possible. The following skills are particularly necessary ...

EXMNA Summer Internships

We’re hiring! Applications for two internships at Ex-Muslims of North America are open for Summer 2019! We invite any student with a passion for our mission to come join us at Ex-Muslims of North America! We are a small team here, and with your internship you will get mentorship from ...

Returning “ISIS Brides”- What happens now?

What should be done about the women who joined and married ISIS fighters? It’s estimated that as many as 1,000 Western women may have left to join the Islamic State, but recent military losses in Syria have pushed them into an ever-shrinking pocket, destabilizing ISIS families. Now, some women who ...

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The number of ex-Muslims in America is rising

Hundreds of thousands of American Muslims might recognise something like their own experience in Mr Olad’s tale. As the number of American Muslims has increased by almost 50% in the past decade, so too has the number of ex-Muslims. According to the Pew Research Centre, 23% of Americans raised as …




Godless Spellcheker Podcast Ep#122 – Muhammad Syed – Hope

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight speaks to co-founder of Ex-Muslims Of North America (exMuslims.org), Muhammad Syed (@MoTheAtheist). Muhammad will be telling us all about the upcoming ‘From Islam to Enlightenment’ panel in New York on Sat 21st July. Other topics include de-platforming, Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’, anti-Muslim bigotry, reform …


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Does Faking Religion Lead to Depression?

At the recent National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump called the United States a “nation of believers.” The highly Christian language of his speech—focused on the Bible and being “created in Jesus Christ”—underscored for some the president’s focus on Christian nationalism and the exclusionary nature of his vision for America. Of …