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Normalizing Dissent

Challenging narratives with compassion and honesty.

Life Beyond Faith

A celebration of ex-Muslim freethinkers – an exploration into their lives, struggles, and triumphs.

Wiki Islam

A skeptical encyclopedia on Islam

Emergency Grants

Aiding apostates in dire times – from escaping abuse to finding shelter and professional assistance.

Support Communities

Giving strength, courage and hope to those who disbelieve, by building community.

What people say?

I’m a great admirer of the Ex-Muslims of North America organization. They actually do stuff rather than just talking, and they’re courageous to do it in public knowing that an apostate Muslim is, to many active Muslims, deserving of death. To be a public ex-Muslim these days is to evince bravery.
Jerry Coyne
Author 'Why Evolution Is True'

Ex-Muslims of North America is at the frontlines of tomorrow.

Ali Rizvi
Author 'Atheist Muslim'
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Mike Sendler

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