Escaping Religion and Abuse

I consider myself very lucky in the sense that I was not indoctrinated into any specific religion as a child. I never had to cast aside the shackles of religion or fight to escape religious persecution. I was free to decide if religion was right for me and I didn’t have to give up family when I did that. But most people are not so lucky. Most children have the path of their life set by thousand year old books and superstition that creates control, ignorance and in the worst of situations, fear of death.

The following interview is a story of one young women, who despite the odds, managed to not only escape the clutches of religion but she also escaped the clutches of a violently abusive family.

Noor’s story is inspiring and she has some very good advice for others who are hoping to escape a terrible situation.

Read more at http://skepchick.org/2014/06/escaping-religion-and-abuse/

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