An Appeal from the President
December 11, 2023
As the year draws to a close, we need your help to fight for freethought now more than ever.

To our friends - 

Since the inception of Islam, there have been individuals who chose a different path—an act often met with harsh judgment and consequences. From the ancient wars of apostasy to the modern-day blasphemy laws, those who deviate from the prescribed beliefs have faced severe repercussions.

Today, too little has changed.

Leaving Islam remains a struggle, whether in repressive theocratic societies or the ostensibly more liberal West. For ex-Muslims, the decision often means navigating between living a lie or facing familial rejection and threats of abuse and violence. And this is assuming that they live in a place where renouncing religion is not a crime. 

But the repercussions of this struggle extend to us all, as the horrors of the last few months have reminded us. Without the freedom to question and evolve, we become tethered to centuries-old superstitions, unable to shake off even the most ancient hatreds.

At EXMNA, we know that there can be no progress without the freedom to question, a freedom that’s long overdue within Islam.

We know also that it is vital that there remains a third path—a course for those who refuse the blinders of tribalism, who wish to choose reason over dogma, compassion over cruelty, and nuance over rigid narratives.

In the past, we have stood firm for this path—but only with your help.

Today, I ask for that help again.

Please consider donating to Ex-Muslims of North America, and give us a strong start to the new year.

Thank you,

Muhammad Syed


Ex-Muslims of North America

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