Ex-Muslims of North America Announce New Features and Additions to Persecution Tracker, Marking One-Year Anniversary
Press Release
September 30, 2021
Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) is proud to announce a new milestone in the growth of its Persecution Tracker.

Washington, DC — 09/30/2021

Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) is proud to announce a new milestone in the growth of its Persecution Tracker, which catalogs instances of hate and violence motivated by blasphemy and apostasy accusations throughout the Islamic world and beyond.

Now, one year out from the Tracker’s initial launch, the organization marks 2021’s Blasphemy Day with the addition of profiles of individual nations. These cover the historical development of the country’s blasphemy and apostasy laws, and even include information on the modern-day climate toward free expression.

“This addition to the Tracker is in line with our desire to ensure it remains one of the most comprehensive resources on the persecution of freethinkers, atheists, and religious minorities at the hands of Islamic fundamentalism,” said Executive Director Sarah Haider. “Since its launch a year ago today, it has grown significantly in size and scope, and this new feature bolsters that progress by contextualizing the environments in which the persecution we catalog takes place.”

In addition to the country profiles, various changes and additions have been made to the Tracker’s interface. These include updates to the map and new filters which ease sorting and navigating through cases.

“The number of incidents we have cataloged since the initial launch of the Persecution Tracker has increased by more than threefold, and today’s additions ensure the tool remains accurate, up to date, and as comprehensive as we can make it,” said Muhammad Syed, President of EXMNA

You can browse the Persecution Tracker’s cases in map or list view—and check out the new country profiles—on EXMNA’s website.

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