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Muhammad Syed


A human rights activist, writer, speaker and community organizer. He is the founder and president of Ex-Muslims of North-America, the first Ex-Muslim advocacy and community building organization in North America. Muhammad has been a human rights activist for the past decade, with a focus on efforts to normalize religious dissent and promote acceptance of secularism in Muslim communities.

Sarah Haider

Executive Director

Born in Pakistan, Sarah spent her early youth as a practicing Muslim, leaving religion in her late teens. Since 2016, she has advocated for the acceptance of religious dissent as Executive Director of Ex-Muslims of North America. Sarah is a former board member of the Reason Rally Coalition, and a co-founder and current board member of the Rights and Religions Forum.
Sarah and her work has been profiled and featured in numerous magazines, news outlets, and shows including The Economist, Slate, BBC, Global Journalist, Quillette, National Review, the Daily Beast, and NPR.
In addition to freethought, Sarah is particularly passionate about civil liberties and women’s rights.
You can reach Sarah at @SarahTheHaider

Aysha Khan

Project Manager

Aysha is a Project Manager at EXMNA. Since 2017, she has worked to bring the Normalizing Dissent tour to college campuses all across the US, bringing Ex-Muslim perspectives where they are needed most.Growing up in a moderate Muslim household, Aysha struggled with reconciling the freedoms afforded to her as a member of the Western secular world with the restrictive roles prescribed to her in the Qur’an. Aysha is especially passionate about women’s health issues.

Abdul Hurayra

Project Administrator

Abdul works to implement activities and ensure timely completion of a variety of EXMNA projects. He also coordinates media and outreach efforts for the organization.Before joining EXMNA, Abdul was a relief coordinator in Syria where he collaborated with hospitals to prevent casualties of war. He also worked as a laboratory researcher in the Biochemical and Molecular Genetics field.Abdul grew up in a moderate but tribal Sunni Muslim family. He left Islam in university as he began to study evolution and genetics in which he later got his degree. He is now a passionate secularist, humanitarian, and ex-Muslim atheist.

Stephanie Tessier

Administrative Officer

A former convert to Islam, today Stephanie works for Ex-Muslims of North America as a full time administrative officer. She coordinates development efforts and assists with various programmes. Stephanie has been featured on EXMNA’s Life Beyond Faith series, and is a speaker on the Normalizing Dissent tour. 

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