Ex-Muslims of North America Statement on New Zealand Mosque Attack


Ex-Muslims of North America strongly condemns the terrorist attack on the mosques in New Zealand and supports the Muslim community in their time of grief.

While we believe the Islamic religion (and all others) are not true and can cause serious harm, we stand fast with the rights of the faithful to practice, preach, and live free of threats or violence.

We too were once believers. And while we are no longer Muslims ourselves, we are rooted in that community by our past belief and experience, and by our present bonds of love and friendship. Muslims are our family – our mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers.

Most significantly, Muslims are our neighbors and fellow citizens. They deserve the rights and dignities afforded to any in a free world. As such, this attack is also an attack on the most fundamental values of the Western tradition.   

We reject and condemn, vigorously and completely, the White ethnocentrist movement, and any other movement which rejects pluralism and embraces anti-humanist ideals. The white nationalist reduction of Muslims and immigrants as “invaders” is as morally poisonous as it is false.

We also reject the desires of the terrorist (as stated in his “manifesto”) to drive us all apart, to spark a wave of tribalism and fear. It is his wish to polarize our world and paralyze our discourse. We will continue in our mission to foster nuanced and compassionate dialogue, to be fearless when others are fearful, and to fight for the rights of all.

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