We fight for a future where all are free to follow their conscience.
the problem

No matter where one lives, leaving Islam carries an onerous price. Religious authorities and their most fervent devotees respond too often with violence to criticism of any kind. Blasphemers, apostates, and freethinkers are socially exiled and hunted down by governments and vigilantes alike, all in service of an ideology that rejects science, relegates women to second-class status, and demands unquestioning submission.

For those of us who value freedom of conscience and expression, this is unacceptable. We at EXMNA strive for a world where all are free to speak freely, live freely, and pursue the truth irrespective of any authority or dogma.

the issues
what we do

EXMNA works to support the causes we believe in through advocacy, public events, and several awareness-raising projects. In addition to educational videos and mini-documentaries, we maintain WikiIslam and our Persecution Tracker while additionally petitioning public and private policymakers on behalf of ex-Muslims’ interests. These efforts and others add up to a monumental undertaking of activism for our small team.

Persecution Tracker
Our Persecution Tracker catalogs and monitors cases of persecution and oppression against those who commit the "crime" of speaking their minds and blaspheming Islam in secular and theocratic countries alike.
Persecution Tracker
Apostate Report
Our Apostate Report, a survey of hundreds of American and Canadian ex-Muslims, offers a glimpse into the experiences and beliefs of apostates in the West—from encounters with misogyny to their science-based objections to religious belief.
Unbelief Brief
Our bi-weekly Unbelief Brief, a short round-up of news related to Islam and freethought, covers developments in the areas of blasphemy, secularism, and women's rights in the Muslim world.
Our maintenance of WikiIslam is aimed at providing an objective, but skeptical, resource on Islam, including its historic relationship with science and gender equality. Free from the gatekeeping of religious authorities, it encourages readers to draw their own conclusions, however “blasphemous” they may be.
Our mini-documentaries spotlight the experiences of real ex-Muslims and their encounters with rejection, abuse, and sexism as a result of questioning and leaving Islam.
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