Ex-Muslims of North America Responds to DDoS Attack on WikiIslam
Press Release
April 7, 2023
After a brief initial outage, WikiIslam remains up and running.

Washington, D.C. - Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) today said that WikiIslam had been subject to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack this week. After a brief initial outage, the site remains live. The attack began on Tuesday, April 4th, and consisted of an increase of a thousand times in traffic requests sustained over 27 hours.

EXMNA had recently announced the translation of WikiIslam, a skeptical encyclopedic resource on the Islamic faith, into Arabic. The DDoS attack comes less than two months after this development, which has made the wiki accessible to a much wider readership within the Islamic world.

“Since its founding nearly ten years ago, EXMNA has been targeted with attacks such as this, and they will neither dissuade us from doing our work nor be successful in stopping it by force,” said Muhammad Syed, President of EXMNA. “WikiIslam remains operational and we will always remain committed to defending against attacks like this to ensure it stays that way.

“Bertrand Russell famously said that atheism is what happens when you read the Bible, and Christianity is what happens when someone reads it for you,” continued Syed. “We believe this principle applies also to Islam, hence our commitment to maintaining an objective resource that draws directly from the primary sources of the faith. Those who seek to obscure this information from the public so that religious dogma can continue to go unchallenged will not be successful.”

WikiIslam can be accessed in English at wikiislam.net or in Arabic at ar.wikiislam.net. EXMNA's website can be accessed at exmuslims.org.

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