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An Appeal from the President
As the year draws to a close, we need your help to fight for freethought now more than ever.
EXMNA Sponsors 2nd Annual Rights and Religions Forum
Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) is proud to sponsor the 2nd annual Rights and Religions Forum (RARF), an academic conference devoted to the study of how religious freedoms and individual rights intersect.
EXMNA President Muhammad Syed Presents Case of Mubarak Bala to 2022 International Religious Freedom Summit
On Thursday, June 30th, Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) president and co-founder Muhammad Syed gave a presentation at the 2022 IRF Summit in Washington, D.C. on the imprisonment of Mubarak Bala.
EXMNA Meets with USCIRF on Cases of Religious Persecution
Representatives from EXMNA met with a representative of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom about efforts to catalog incidents of religious persecution.
Ex-Muslims on Life After 9/11
The New York Times interviews Muslims and ex-Muslims on the impact of 9/11 in American Muslim communities.
EXMNA Sponsors 1st Annual Rights and Religions Forum
Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) is proud to sponsor the 1st annual Rights and Religions Forum, an academic conference devoted to the study of how religious freedoms and individual rights intersect.
EXMNA’s Apostate Report Covered by Religion News Service
Sociologist of religion Ryan Burge offers insight into the nature and implications of the survey's results.
EXMNA Gives Grant to Turkish Atheist Refugee Assistance Program
EXMNA is proud to support the mission and efforts of ARAP with this grant.
SUCCESS: H.Res 512 Passed, Condemning Blasphemy Laws Worldwide

Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) proudly and firmly supports the passage of H.Res 512, a condemnation and call for repeal of all global apostasy and blasphemy

The number of ex-Muslims in America is rising
As the number of American Muslims has increased by almost 50% in the past decade, so too has the number of ex-Muslims.
Ex-Muslims: The American who fled "gay conversion" in Africa
Mahad Olad was in a Nairobi hotel room, looking at his mother. She was holding two articles from a student newspaper in New York.
Ex-Muslims: They left Islam and now tour the US to talk about it
On a Sunday night in Washington, D.C., a policeman sits by the door of room 309 at George Washington University’s Marvin Center.
The Ex-Muslims Go Public
Atheists who leave Islam are too often ostracized from their families and communities—and sometimes far worse. Their voices tend to be ignored by progressives of all backgrounds.
Inside the Secret World of Ex-Muslims
In April, a defiant group of self-identified “apostates” convened in downtown Portland, Oregon, to revel in the joys of brew culture, bacon burgers, and atheism.
Exclusive: Facebook Has Been Regularly Shutting Down Atheist and Ex-Muslim Groups
Yesterday, Facebook restricted and then shut down the public pages of Ex-Muslims of North America (24k followers) and Atheist Republic (1.6 million followers).
Leaving Islam in North America
In many Muslim-majority countries, apostatizing is difficult—if not virtually impossible.
Clausen: Wegmans says Ex-Muslims group can buy cake
The all-everything, 89-store chain recently reversed a somewhat odd decision by some bakery workers in Fairfax, Virginia.
Follow Bill Maher’s lead, not Donald Trump: There’s a way to critique ideology behind religion without resorting to hate
After the Islamist terrorist attack in San Bernardino and with Donald Trump issuing wildly inflammatory exhortations to enact a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the United States, we need clarity about Islam, and fast.
Rejecting Islam – The trauma of apostasy in Muslim communities – Phil Zuckerman
In his latest book, The Apostates: When Muslims Leave Islam, British scholar Simon Cottee details the lived experiences of men and women who were active, believing Muslims but who then came to lose their faith and reject their Islamic identity.
Understanding Islamic Feminism
This hour-long program examines the meaning of Islamic feminism and women activists who are working for change.
Lose faith, find friends – Toronto group helps ex-Muslims see meaning outside of religion
A support group for ex-Muslims says it has surpassed 100 members in Toronto and continues to grow.
I Escaped an Arranged Marriage
A few months ago, Amina left home. She was due to marry her father’s friend: a man from Yemen nearly three times her age.
Former US Muslims Break Silence, Imam Supports Their Choice
The gifts were mostly what used to be forbidden: liquor, condoms, even a framed portrait of Arabic calligraphy that read: “There is no God.”
Atheists Unite! Leaders Gather to Collaborate
Religious and conservative organizations have a history of organizing to accomplish shared aims. It’s time to share the secret that atheists are now doing the same.
For Muslim apostates, giving up their faith can be terrifying, alienating and dangerous
In many Muslim-majority countries, renouncing Islam is a crime punishable by death. But even in the liberal West, some ex-Muslims continue to fear leaving their faith.
Ex Muslims tweet #AnApostatesExperience
The hashtag appears to have come about as a response to Islamic apologist Reza Aslan’s claim that the most venomous threats he receives are from atheists.
Reza Aslan calls threats from atheists ‘venomous’ and is dealt the truth about apostasy
Aslan wants to place blame solely on governments inside Muslim countries such as Iran or Saudi Arabia but fails to question what role Islam plays in these governments.
Activists fight Twitter censorship in Pakistan with #TwitterTheocracy
EXMNA asked Twitter users to join Tuesday’s campaign using hashtag #TwitterTheocracy to target what they say is Twitter’s compliance with Pakistani censorship laws.
New York Times – Leaving Islam for Atheism, and Finding a Much-Needed Place Among Peers
Women talked about “coming out,” being open with their families, leaving “the closet” at a conference here this month. But the topic was not sexuality.
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